President: Mr. Zhongwen Gou

Recognition Date: 1 January 1979

Country: People’s Republic of China

Tiyuguan Road 2 
Beijing, 100763
The People’s Republic of China

Telephone: +86 (0)10 6711 6669

Fax: +86 (0)10 6711 5858



Games Host: 

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games
Nanjing 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games
Nanjing 2013 Asian Youth Games
Tianjin 2013 East Asian Games
Haiyang 2012 Asian Beach Games
Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games
Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games
Changchun 2007 Asian Winter Games
Harbin 1996 Asian Winter Games
Shanghai PR 1993 East Asian Games
Beijing 1990 Asian Games
Shanghai 1927 Far Eastern Championship Games
Shanghai 1921 Far Eastern Championship Games
Shanghai 1915 Far Eastern Championship Games

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People’s Republic of China Overview